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Top 10 Food Sustainability Solution Companies - 2021

Food sustainability today is crucial more than ever. The rising global population with a severe environmental crisis requires sustainable practices to ensure that food is available in sufficient quantity to maintain the present and future generations without depleting the natural resources. Moreover, sustainable food does involve not only the food, its quality, and quantity but also the process of food production, packaging, distribution, and consumption as a whole. Alongside resource usages, the environmental, economic, and social impact created also become a part of the holistic food sustainability approaches.

The amplified importance of food sustainability features a number of trends in this space; one is sustainable farming practices. Such methods aim to increase output while enhancing the environmental impact. Sustainable farming proves to be beneficial not just for the plants and animals but also maintains soil fertility for future food production. Besides, sustainable agriculture supports low carbon and organic food produce by eliminating the use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers. Implementation of crop rotation is also an extensive practice today. This allows restoring nutrients in the soil by planting different crops at different times while providing consumers a variety of items to include in their diets. Additionally, more focus is on reducing food wastage where individuals, businesses, supermarkets, and restaurants are engaging in practices to recycle food or donate excess food to charities or other organizations. Sticking to seasonal food is also another attempt that is trending recently. As seasonal products do not need to be artificially ripened or imported from other places, it helps to stabilize the food supply chains. As sustainable food extends beyond the production aspect to packaging and distribution as well, one of the trends developing is sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. Many companies are starting to use compostable, recycled, or biodegradable materials. Besides, to meet environmental goals, sustainable packaging improves a brand’s image as consumers become equally concerned about the packaging as much as the contents inside.

As we continue endeavoring sustainability, food science and research is improving significantly to help accommodate better approaches. Increased awareness and consciousness among consumers will drive them to encourage the desirable practices to improve access to good and nutritious food for all. On this note, we have compiled this issue of Food and Beverages Tech Review to facilitate companies find their required partner for suitable food tech solutions for the organization’s growth and thereby meet the consumer demands. Besides, the magazine comprises valuable insights from industry experts, CIOs, and CXOs on the current trends, technological improvements, and innovations in this space.

We present to you Food and Beverages Tech Review “Top 10 Food Sustainability Solution Providers - 2021.”

    Top Food Sustainability Solution Companies

  • FoodDefend® redefines the way companies protect and preserve food with its proprietary antimicrobial interventions and cleaners

  • Maglio is a fifth generation produce distributor based in Glendale, WI, which offers innovative solutions to meet every customer’s unique fresh produce needs. Since 1902, Maglio has delivered tomatoes, herbs,organics, and other fresh produce from the grower to the customer without ever compromising freshness or nutritional potency. Maglio’s premier 100 percent cold pressed juice line, Healthy Roots is made using only fresh fruits and vegetables and producedvia HPP, a non-thermal process that doesn’t alter the nutritional potency of food products or affect how they taste. Notably, after over a century in business, Maglio has established itself as an early leader in sustainability by implementing innovative food safety practices such as refrigeration to extend shelf life, washing with a natural cleaning solution, shelf-life testing, layer-pack nesting trays, microbial testing, equipment cleaning, building Standard Operating Procedures, and more

  • SAVRpak is an award-winning firm that provides solutions to the food services industry. Their peel and stick patch changes the environment inside the food container, removes moisture, and creates an environment to preserve the freshness and 'intended' state of the food. Also, the company is at the forefront of the produce industry, where they work with the growers to extend shelf-life and prevent food waste. Apart from that, SAVRpak has come up with other innovative products, including an anti-frost version of food preservation that helps consumers deal with freezer burns



    AgEye Technologies is a dedicated team of technologists that have a passion for digital agriculture, artificial intelligence, and creating a sustainable food supply for the growing global population

  • GCarbon USA

    GCarbon USA

    GCarbon USA is dedicated to developing super-sustainable methods to produce low carbon impact fuels, food, and fiber using new integrated approaches, feedstocks, and advanced technology



    GMA-FOOD LLC aims to provide excellent quality food products to business partners across the U.S., with competitive offerings to achieve sustainable and mutual benefits

  • NRI Industrial

    NRI Industrial

    NRI Industrial partners with businesses from various sectors, including Pulp andPaper, Oil and Petro-Chemical, Energy, Food Processing, and Mining, to preservethe economic and environmental well-being of the communities it serves.

  • Ocean Finest Foods

    Ocean Finest Foods

    Ocean Finest Foods proudly incorporates modern pasteurization to deliver high-quality foods safe to enjoy immediately, hot or cold

  • Provisur Technologies

    Provisur Technologies

    Provisur Technologies is a leading, family-owned industrial food processing equipment manufacturer headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with a global network of sales and service locations

  • SevenSeas


    SevenSeas is an international conglomerate of seafood purchasing, processing, and production companies stretching the globe, with high-quality fish products being sold in European and US supermarkets

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